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PBL Eligibility Rules

The players on a Member Club’s Active Roster may have played professional baseball for fewer than three (3) years. For purposes of calculating prior years of professional baseball experience, a year of professional experience is defined as follows:

• POSITION PLAYERS - 30 games played

• STARTING PITCHERS - 7 games started

• PITCHERS - 18 games played

Professional experience includes previous play in all professional leagues, domestic or international, including Complex Leagues, but does not include the MLB Draft League, the United Shore Professional Baseball League, the Mavericks Independent Baseball League, nor leagues in the Caribbean Federation (including the Dominican Summer League and Venezuelan Summer League), the Australian Baseball League or any other leagues that might become “winter ball” leagues.


Clubs may designate one Franchise Player per season, subject to the following requirements:

  1. Player must have previously played no less than two (2) years in the PBL.
  2. Player must have finished the immediately prior season with the Club that will tag him as a Franchise Player in the current season.
  3. Player may only spend one (1) year tagged as a Franchise Player.
  4. Franchise Players are allowed to be a player-coach, like any other roster member.
  5. If a Club loses a Franchise Player to injury or transfer to an MLB club, the Club may request permission from the League President to replace such player with another qualified Franchise Player. Such a request shall be made to the President in writing setting forth the circumstances involved. The President shall promptly decide, in his sole discretion, whether to approve or disapprove the request after considering the circumstances.

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