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Since 1939, the Pioneer Baseball League has operated in the Mountain West region as an MLB affiliate league. Beginning in 2021, the Pioneer League became an MLB Partner League with clubs in Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado and has now expanded its geographic reach to California with teams in Oakland and Davis.

The Pioneer League is a true player development league, with players having less than 3 years of professional experience.  The PBL is focused on innovation and experimental rules, having initiated the shootout style “Knockout Round” to replace extra innings, designated pinch hitters and pinch runners, and other cutting-edge rules and fan enhancements.  The PBL has a 96-game slate from mid-May through mid-September. For more information, visit


Overview of Missoula PaddleHeads stadium at sunset

Ogden and Boise players stand behind homeplate during National Anthem in ogden UT View from dugout of stadium